What Factors Do You Need To Consider To Get The Perfect Pair Of Goalkeeper Gloves?

There are millions of soccer lovers worldwide, and you reading this blog is surely one of them. An amazing game can cause a storm of emotions with an adrenaline rush. While the other ten players of a team look to score a goal, on the other hand, a goalkeeper plays an equally significant role to save goals.

For comfortable and safe gameplay it is even more important for a goalkeeper to have all the necessary protective gear, especially a good pair of goalkeeper gloves as it is the hands of the goalkeeper that require maximum protection. The functionality of goalkeeper gloves can be understood with its three basic functions-

  • Protecting the hand from dislocation
  • To decrease the blow of the ball
  • Provide a grip to catch the ball

The goalkeeper gloves come in a wide variety of types and styles and you can choose them accordingly depending upon your comfort level and personal preferences. A good goalie glove pair offers a significant advantage as they provide better grip while making saves, protecting and cushioning fingers, and helping with boxing and punching.

Since goalie gloves are an essential part of goalkeeping, there are a large number of contributing factors that determine the perfect pair.

Let's talk about the few basic checks which can help you find perfect goalie gloves

Weight of the gloves

The most common feature any player would want in their sports gear would be the lightweights. Since the goalie requires a lot of movements, especially when the soccer ball is nearby the goal post, it is quite important to have lightweight gloves for faster movements to save the goal.

Breathability for hands

Usually, a lot of goalie gloves do not provide much air circulation around the hands due to their material built and texture. This makes the hand sweaty and uncomfortable leading to poor ball grip and hand movement. A good pair of goalie gloves are specially designed to be sweat-free as it has air holes in the palm and backhand area to provide enough breathability and movement.

Durability of material

Another prominent factor that always strikes the mind while choosing a pair of perfect goalkeeper gloves is its durability. Beyond the usual wear and tear elements of gloves like holes, splits, seam separation, and worn wrist closures, the gloves also receive additional stretching especially when it has a tight fit. Having quality goalkeeper gloves ensures durability which definitely needs to be considered as you not only get highly efficient gloves but also save a good amount of money by avoiding frequent purchases.

While these above-discussed internal factors can help you make a great choice, few external factors also need to be taken into consideration that can route you to the best product from the goalkeeper shop. These external factors including weather, field, training sessions, or match play make a significant difference and thus need to be discussed.

External Factors that determine the right goalkeeper gloves choice:

Training versus Match

Though it might sound odd but can make a significant difference in your goalie gloves purchase. During training sessions, the goalie gloves take a lot of frequent beating as compared to actual matches and as a result, the gloves can wear out quickly. So to make the perfect goalkeeper gloves choice, you should be well versed with the purpose. For training purposes, you will require gloves with hard materials and on the other hand, you can go for soft material built gloves for a regular match.

Field and weather conditions

Not often discussed, the weather and field conditions are always important to determine the best goalkeeper gloves for you. Though many goalie glove manufacturers advertise their gloves as appropriate for all weather conditions, it is still crucial to check the build materials before choosing them as it has a significant impact on your performance. Moreover, as artificial turf is more likely to wear out latex palms faster, a thicker palm surface should be considered for an artificial turf game.

Need a few goalie gloves maintenance tips as well?

Not only the product but maintenance too is needed for the long life of your gloves. Here are a few maintenance tips for you:

  • Avoid using harsh soaps, detergents, and chemicals for washing gloves especially the latex palm.
  • Dry the gloves whenever they get wet due to sweat after gameplay.
  • Never wash gloves in the washing machine.
  • Store the gloves in a cool environment.

Want to know the best place for goalie gloves purchase?

Even with all the above information, many people are left in a dilemma as they are confused about where they can purchase high-quality goalkeeping gloves. Elite Keepers Shop, being a dedicated platform to help you meet your goalkeeper gloves requirement, offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, and cuts of goalie gloves at cost-effective prices. With our years' wide experience and knowledge, we analyze different components of gloves in detail and provide you with the best options of goalkeeper gloves to help you give your best performance. Make your purchase today!

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    I have a 12 year old daughter who is a size 7.5 8 gloves looking for what’s best for her at a cheep price and all goalkeeper’s kits as it can get very expensive

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